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About us

1vision company consists of a team of young people from graphic designers to programmers. Our goal is to offer our clients the best services based on their requirements. We are innovative and always keeps current with modern trends in information technology, whether creating web information systems, 3D graphics, design or other project focused on IT.

Our next goal is always to create an original work that will differ from others just for its originality. Today has spread large number of companies that offer website creation for very low fees and promising the creation of this site almost immediately. But this client don't know, that it is a so-called template system, where each site looks exactly the same as other sites of other companies and all the work that is spent on creating the website is the only change colors or images.

We avoid such way of doing business and we strive to make the client always different from the competition and stereotype.

Newest references

Our projects

Online booking system


Fitsystem is our own project. This is an online booking system that fits to all people make bussines in sports activities, wellness & fitness center and many other services.

Treasure Island


Treasure Island is now in the final phase of development, but already now we can say that you have something to look forward to. Thanks to the project Treasure Island have the opportunity to playfully get those things that you only dreamed of.